September 2016

Cultural History
Jeanette Wimberly

Indo-European Language: The Origin

Communication among humans is essential, and as we evolved, we have come to master the art of speaking. Through time and research, linguists have come to

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Descriptive Article
Rafael Ortiz Salas

Jericho: The First City

The Neolithic Era began between six to twelve thousands years ago, when our ancestors discovered that instead of hunting and gathering, they could live in one

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Cultural History
Alyssa Almaguer

Set in Clay: The Origins of Writing

Written language, which is perhaps taken for granted in the 21st century, was not common for early civilizations. Around 3,000 B.C.E. the first writing system was

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Catholic Heritage
Trey Whitworth

The Peace of God and Truce of God

The Peace of God was a medieval religious movement that aimed to keep the constantly warring nobles of Europe in check.1 The Peace of God movement originated in France during the

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