September 2017

Cultural History
Mark Martinez

Ragnar Lothbrok: A Man Turned Legend

For three hundred years, beginning in the ninth century, they sailed the known world and discovered lands beyond their maps.1 They pillaged the peoples of England

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Descriptive Article
Ryann Cervantes

Jochi Khan: Merciful Mongol

Genghis Khan was the savage and ruthless military leader who is credited with unifying much of Eurasia and having founded the world’s largest empire in

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Academic Explanatory
Tyler Sleeter

Neanderthals: The Burial Debate

As children, most of us picture Neanderthals as the archetypal caveman even though Neanderthals are the most recent archaic humans to Homo sapiens. First emerging

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Award Winning Articles
Samman Tyata

Kumari: The Living Goddess of Nepal

Winner of the Fall 2017 StMU History Media Award for Best Article in the Category of “Religion” In most religious traditions, god and goddesses exist only

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Cultural History
Cameron Ramirez

Thank Frogs for Volta’s Battery

Can you imagine a day without a battery? All our devices from smartphones to pacemakers use the power of batteries to harness electricity. These devices

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