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African and African American Studies
Belia Camarena

The Immortal Woman: Henrietta Lacks

It was January 29, 1951 when Henrietta Lacks found herself walking into the “colored” section of Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins Hospital. An African-American mother of five,

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Destiny Renteria

Thou Shalt Not Kill

Capital punishment has been used in the United States since its independence from the United Kingdom and is still applied in many of the 50

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Cultural History
Suvesh Vasal

The Game Lost by Both Nations

The 1969 play-off match between El Salvador and Honduras (two teams that are not only neighbors but rivals) was filled with anticipation and aggression. This

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African and African American Studies
Alexandra Cantu

Misty Copeland: Raising the “Barre”

In 2007, Misty Danielle Copeland became the first African-American ballerina to be a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theater (ABT) in twenty years. Since

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