Gender Studies

Cultural History
Zaraly Frasquillo

A Good Fight: Olympe de Gouges

“Women, wake up; the tocsin of reason sounds throughout the universe; recognize your rights.” – Olympe de Gouges1 The eighteenth century, the Age of the

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"Molly Pitcher at the Battle of Monmouth, 28 June 1778 (Litho)". 2014. In Bridgeman Images, edited by Bridgeman Images. London: Bridgeman.
Descriptive Article
Esperanza Mauricio

Molly Pitcher

Cannons roared alongside the battle cries of men. The clearing was filled with the sting of fighting. As men collided with one another, women ran

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Academic Explanatory
Celina Resendez

America Loves Lucy

Winner of the Fall 2016 StMU History Media Awards for Best Explanatory Article Most Captivating/Engaging Article Best Use of Multiple Images Best Introductory Paragraph Best

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Award Winning Articles
Aurora Torres

The Roaring Twenties: Flappers

Winner of the Fall 2016 StMU History Media Award for Best Article in the Category of “Culture” When one thinks of the 1920’s era one

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