Pre-Classical History (to 600 BCE)

African and African American Studies
Teresa Valdez

Menes: Unification King of Egypt

At the dawn of civilization, the Egyptian Nile Valley cradled the richest, most fertile land in the ancient world. Called “the gift of the Nile,”

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Academic Explanatory
Tyler Sleeter

Neanderthals: The Burial Debate

As children, most of us picture Neanderthals as the archetypal caveman even though Neanderthals are the most recent archaic humans to Homo sapiens. First emerging

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Courtesy of The New York Public Library
Descriptive Article
Alejandro Alcala

The Mesopotamian Foe: The Assyrians

Around the mid-700s through mid-600s BCE, there was a feared empire east of Mesopotamia, reaching from modern-day Iraq to modern-day Turkey and down through Egypt.

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Cultural History
Elizabeth Garibay

Eye of Horus

Since ancient times, the Eye of Horus, which is also referred to as the “all seeing eye,” is one of the most recognized symbols of ancient

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Descriptive Article
Desmond Bonsignore

Fact or Fiction: Xia Dynasty

The Xia Dynasty was the first traditional Chinese dynasty in recorded history. It began in 2070 B.C.E and eventually came to an end around the

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