John D. Rockefeller in Cleveland

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  1. Avatar
    Richard Navarro

    Man, I wonder how much money he made from this ICONIC invention. What could he possibly do with all of it at that point in time. It’s crazy to think that Mr. Rockefeller actually put his foot in the door for the oil industry. The man was extremely smart and full of power. A go getter to say the least.

  2. Avatar
    Cameron Ramirez

    I had no clue that Rockefeller started in Cleveland. I always assumed he made it in New York because of the Rockefeller building which is located in NYC. I found your video on the growth of Cleveland and the effects that Rockefeller had on the city to be very informative and interesting. I liked the videos of the progress that young Rockefeller had in Cleveland, and the pictures you used helped grab the attention of the audience. Overall good work!

  3. Avatar
    Christopher Repka

    Rachel, this video was very well-done. I was impressed by the video footage you found to use in your documentary, which helped to guide your narrative and keep the viewer engaged. Sometimes having too many still images in a micro-documentary can make videos boring, so you did a good job showing intriguing footage. I didn’t know that Rockefeller was so young when he began his professional career, either. Overall, your information was helpful and informative about the basic aspects of Rockefeller’s life and accomplishments. This would be a really nice video with just a little work cleaning up your voice over, which sounds a bit choppy at certain points. Voice overs are difficult to pull off, so again, kudos to you. Great job.

  4. Avatar
    Zaraly Frasquillo

    I really enjoyed your video and the way you spoke was very clear and straight to the point, which is always helpful when learning something new. I learned a lot and your transition from image to image was super smooth and non-confusing. I like John D. Rockefeller, he reminds of me. I can relate to him, not by building an enormous industry but by wanting to better myself. Great video, i really enjoyed it!

  5. Avatar
    Steven Clinton

    What a fascinating documentary. I like the images you chose and the music in the background. It’s incredible how John D Rockefeller single handle boosted the economic growth of Cleveland. John D Rockefeller was no don’t became insanely wealthy, and I’m guessing his old money is trickling down to his generations. Overall I like the pacing of the video as a whole.

  6. Avatar
    Christian Lozano

    I always knew the Rockefeller Family had money, but I did not know that John D. Rockefeller was born into poverty. It is awesome to see the American Dream in full force, also seeing the Power of Capitalism prevail makes me proud to be an American.

  7. Avatar
    Mariana Sandoval

    Your opening captured the audience well- everyone likes sports, right? Not only was your historical material informing, but I think you did a super job at adding videos within your video. Most of the videos I’ve seen (including my own) made in undergrad for history purposes have been solely still images with voice over or still images with text over the images.

  8. Avatar
    Soki Salazar

    I enjoyed the visual aid of the video very much. It was nice to see that a powerful man like Rockefeller came from a humble background and remained a humble character throughout his success. It was hard to believe that he dropped out of school at such a young age but he became very successful. He saw to opportunity for success and took it.

  9. Avatar
    Aurora Torres

    Great video, I enjoyed it very much. Rockefeller was a very powerful man and he was smart and used his brain to conquer what he achieved. And doing some research on him he was actually a very humble man he did not like to be in the public’s eye and stayed away from it as much as he could.I enjoyed learning about Rockefeller, I did not know who he was until I wrote my article. Great Job.

  10. Avatar
    Andres Palacios

    Awesome video. Loved the first clips because it contrasts the development of the city of Cleveland through the years from what it was in the past and what it is now.

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