The Barbados Slave Codes

'Slaves Wanted' Advertisement for the Island of Barbados | Courtesy of Lascelles Slavery Archive
'Slaves Wanted' Advertisement for the Island of Barbados | Courtesy of Lascelles Slavery Archive

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  1. Avatar
    Cameron Ramirez

    I enjoyed watching your informative video on The Barbados Slave Codes. In history class in high school, we covered this topic, and I was horrified of what the slave holder would do to their slaves. Your video was excellent and the transitions and pictures used helped convey a bigger picture to the whole story of the Barbados Slave Codes. To end on a good note a fun fact about Rihanna is that she is from and was born in Barbados and that Barbadians are very proud of her.

  2. Avatar
    Nicolas McKay

    This was a very interesting video. You did a great job choosing the images to place in the video. This was definitely a tragic tale, and certainly a dark time in human history. I found it interesting how they first started with indentured Irish prisoners, Although they were subjected to slave labor they were still treated better than the African slaves. It was also very surprising to hear that the slave codes were meant to benefit both slave and master, even though it lead to some of the most inhumane treatment seen in recorded human history.

  3. Avatar
    Zaraly Frasquillo

    Very informative video. I had never heard of the Barbados slave code, so this topic was fairly new to me. But after watching your video I feel like if someone were to talk to me about this topic i could easily have something to say. I think it is horrible how people were enslaved, like what kind of person would do that?! I really did not know that the Irish were slaves at first. Great job!

  4. Avatar
    Anayeli Prieto

    I really like this video it is really I honestly did not know that Brittan used slavery way before the US did. I didn’t understand how some people believed that it was okay to use humans as slaves. they were treated very harshly and it just occurred all over the world. many of the lives were taken for granted and no one decided to do anything about it. its really a shame that we have to do these things instead of helping each other.

  5. Avatar
    Irene Astran

    The information in your video was very interesting. I can tell you really did your research on this topic. Your graphics were great as well. I think you could improve on the audio of this video. In the beginning it was somewhat difficult to hear your voice unless I had my volume turned up high. It also seemed at different parts of the video that your voice sounds distant and in other parts it sounds like you are speaking directly into the microphone.

  6. Avatar
    Faisal Alqarni

    This is a very touching video on the dark history of slavery. I had never heard about the Barbados Slave Codes and apart from the American South I did not really know that much about forced labor slavery existing outside America. I like how you explained the reason for the use of slave labor in the Barbados, basically the British did not have any moral consideration regarding the use of slave labor to farm their sugar cane and only saw economic gains fro using this “free” labor. One thing it really stood out for me I could not even begin to understand how I could just wear one form of clothing the whole year like the salves were made to do. This dark experiences really and makes one to appreciate the present world where human rights are respected and protected by law.

  7. Avatar
    Gabriela Medrano

    There is not a large selection of videos on this media base, so way to be bold! Your topic is interesting and throughout the video I was caught on a lot of the details you provided. I was surprised to hear that slavery began not only with Africans but Irish prisoners too. The maltreatment of the slaves were inhumane, unjustifiable, and disturbing. It was a very sad and upsetting time in history that is resurfaced time and time again but not for the purpose of opening the wounds, instead to heal them and allow humanity to learn from their mistakes.

  8. Avatar
    Steven Clinton

    Great video. The Barbados slave code was unfortunate event that took place during the sixteenth century. It another example of European colonist ruining the way of life for the island native. The greedy European’s didn’t care about the lives of the colored slaves; there only concern was how much sugar cane they could produce and how much profit they can create.

  9. Avatar
    Mariana Govea

    What a great informative video!! I did not know that the slave labor began with Irish prisoners and not only African Americans! As well as before this video I did not know when and how the Barbados slave codes came to be! How awful how they came to be due to that the slave owners just wanted a cheaper way of labor, so they started to come up with laws that degraded the African Americans to be property! It is so inhumane to even think people could be able to do this to another human being, it is so tragic to know that these African Americans who did so much for their owners were the ones treated the worse in human history! But very well explained and organized story!

  10. Avatar
    Jennifer Pogue

    Great video. I didn’t know that Irish prisoners were the first to be slaves at Barbados. It is horrible how inhumanely the African Americans were treated. The picture of the man with scars from the whip on his back is very sad and it is disturbing to know that’s how poorly humans were treated. The fact that the one positive thing was that they got to have one change of clothes per year is awful.

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